My 8yo Is In Love With This STEM Toy

Testing if wood will conduct electricity

Tinkerer. My girl loves to tinker!

She takes things apart, figures out how things work, and asks questions about the things in our house and the world around us. She notices the sensors that make stuff go (like automated doors at the grocery or when the car knows you’re not buckled). My daughter is endlessly and naturally curious about all of it!

She’s not big into Legos, so I was searching for a fun, engaging toy that she could build and tinker with. A fellow unschooling mom on Instagram posted a photo of her son playing with Snap Circuits Jr and the lightbulb went off.

Building a noisy space-sounds game (aka: the “freak out the cats” game)

For only $20, we have had weeks of endless electronics play. It’s a favorite for lazy days, when mama needs to work on dinner, and even for getting my daughter “back in her brain” after some big feelings. In the box is a plastic snap board and an assortment of pieces that snap onto the board: circuit pieces, noise making pieces, a spinning fan, motor, battery pack, press switch and slide switch, and more. The booklet has over 100 examples of projects to build. And after weeks of play, my daughter still hasn’t made them all!

This post contains Amazon affiliate links. We’re now a one-salary family so that we can unschool. If you click an Amazon link through my site and make a purchase, Unschool Bravely receives a little extra compensation (no extra cost to you) to support us. Thanks!

Just a few ideas of what my creative, deep-thinking daughter has made with Snap Circuits Jr:

  • A doorbell for people who are deaf (press the button and a light flashes instead of making noise)
  • Launching a “flying saucer”
  • An interactive game where one part of the board is covered, and we try to guess which circuit made the noise
  • Testing different household objects to see which would close the circuit (conduct electricity), like: a wooden spoon, a metal spoon, a paperclip, even water!

I love science and STEM play, but circuits were definitely outside of my knowledge. I learn quite a bit alongside my girl! And the fact that it has a project book that is simple to follow, she is empowered to play/learn on her own without mama being bossy. šŸ˜‰

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