Big Feelings Chart: Free Printable for Emotional Skills

We all have Big Feelings because we’re human. We can empower our kids by helping them name their Big Feelings and what helps them through that feeling. I’ve created a free template that you can edit and print out, as a learning tool!

Connected Parenting Ninja Skills: When $#*% Might Go Sideways in Public

Shopping while hangry. Zoo-ing past nap time. Children’s museum-ing during spring break (today’s special brand of crazy, brough to you by: homeschool mamas who don’t know the school schedule). Sweetpea and I have had enough of these scenarios go horribly wrong, that we have created some shared language and systems to lean on. Nothing goes perfect (ever in life, because: humans), but having a plan always helps.

How We Keep (and Enjoy!) Unschool Records

Each US state has different homeschool laws & required records. This is how I use Evernote to track my kiddo’s learning (… and why I would, even if our state didn’t make me!)

Unschooling with Less Burnout: Self Care for the At-Home-Parent

The hand-written sign taped to my fridge right now says: “Be kind to yourself, you’re only human.” Parents and kids in families like ours need a more robust self-care plan for unschooling/homeschooling/whateverschooling to be sustainable long-term.

Play Is The Core of All Learning

There is a season of childhood play that is physical and imaginative. It is a season of touching, tasting, singing, jumping, play-doh, bubbles, puddles, mud pies, sand, bugs, forts, acting out stories, helping, squishing food, favorite stories read by heart, coloring and drawing, pretending, dress-up, puppets, sticks, face paint and finger paint, and bubble baths….

Grocery Store Classroom

Unschooling is like improv. When we don’t have curriculum or an academic agenda we have to find learning everywhere we go. And ordinary activities – like grocery shopping – can be a wealth of learning! Fortunately, my Sweetpea is 8 and the ultimate helper. Each week, I’m amazed at how many big and little learning…

My 8yo Is In Love With This STEM Toy

Tinkerer. My girl loves to tinker! She takes things apart, figures out how things work, and asks questions about the things in our house and the world around us. She notices the sensors that make stuff go (like automated doors at the grocery or when the car knows you’re not buckled). My daughter is endlessly…